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Gasha International School Erbil (GISE) is privately owned and overseen by Gasha Educational Company. The school is accredited by the American International Accreditation Association of Schools and Colleges (AIAA). They evaluate all factors and focus on the quality of teaching and learning, in addition to the management.  These intense inspections provide assurance to parents that the school meets international standards. 

GISE uses McGraw-Hill Pre-K–12 Program, which includes the following subjects: English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Electives. We work alongside the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Ministry of Education and have incorporated subjects such as Kurdish, Religious Studies, Arabic, and Kurdish Social Studies into our curriculum, to ensure that the children’s education will be recognized both nationally and internationally.

GISE is located on the 120-meter road, in Hawleri Nwe, which is one of the fastest-growing areas in Erbil.  The school opened its doors in 2017 and currently provides education for students from kindergarten to Grade 12.  The school is known for its diversity and our students come from various backgrounds and ethnicities.  Our classes are both mixed abilities and gender, as children learn from each other. We instill the values of leadership, respect, growth, and creativity allowing our graduates to become well-rounded individuals. 

GISE continues to deliver global education standards, implemented by its multi-national teachers. We provide continuous training for our staff, to promote teaching skills and experience. This guarantees the quality and level of knowledge for our students. 


Qualified Teachers

For many of the children who join our Kindergarten, it is their first experience of being far from their parents.  We realize the first few days can be a little stressful for them, so our highly trained teachers are prepared to make them feel welcome and give them a sense of independence and prepare them for the year ahead.


Modern Classes

We have age-appropriate classrooms, organized to suit the requirements of the students’ educational needs. In addition to classrooms and the library, we have rooms dedicated to games and art.


Social Development

This involves giving children opportunities to experience an upper-class language environment; to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves, and speaking and listening in a range of situations. We also cater opportunities for children to be active and interactive; and to improve their coordination, movement, and manual dexterity.



Our library inspires students to seek information and improve reading by providing a broad range of informative materials to implement, enrich, and support our educational program, through access to various resources and the development of curriculum.


Science Lab

GISE has a well-equipped and sophisticated Science Lab, that provides an open environment for students to investigate and conduct their practical experiments, which enables them to learn the scientific matters in a clear manner.



We have age-appropriate classrooms, organized to suit the needs of the pupils’ educational needs. In addition to classrooms, we also have rooms allocated for dramatic play, reading, and art.

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